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The first certification of its kind.

The Habit Coach Professional Level 1 certification is the first certification dedicated to helping coaches level up their coaching business using tools and insights from behavioral science.

The 10-week cohort-based course is taught by world-class teachers and provided through fun and interactive content aimed at helping participants quickly convert information into action. No more boring 2-hour videos or long tiresome readings. Instead, participants can expect to learn the leading science-backed insights and tools via engaging 15-min interactive bite-size lessons.

The Habit Coaching Revolution has started. Ready to take your coaching business to the next level?

Level Up Your Coaching Business with Behavioral Science.

Frustrated with trying to change client behavior? Struggle to maintain your own healthy habits, and feel like an imposter on occasion? These are some of the many problems the Habit Coach Pro certification was made to solve. It's all about how tools and insights from behavioral science can help you and your coaching business thrive. If you're ready to take your coaching to the next level, we're here to help.

Learn the scientific theory behind why we do what we do.
Start applying behavior change strategies in your coaching practice.
Turn client struggles into good habits that last.

Serious Coaching Certification. Fun Bite-Sized Lessons.

Build a good habit while learning about habits! The HCP certification offers a revolutionary way to learn in the form of fun and interactive bite-sized lessons. Over the course of 10 weeks, you'll learn the ins and outs of behavioral science and habit formation, and how to apply it in your coaching practice. Who said learning couldn't be fun and habit forming?

30+ Fun and interactive bite-sized lessons (aka HaBits).
Quizzes, Applied Learning Assignments, and Mock Coaching.
Exclusive templates and Habit Coach Pro tools!

The Habit Coaching Revolution has Started. Join Now and Stand Out.

We take coaching, and the privilege to transform someone’s health and wellness, very seriously. And we believe that, to change the world we must become masters in changing behavior. The only way to create profitable and long-lasting client relationships is by building good long-lasting habits. We know changing behavior can be difficult, so the goal of this certification is to teach you how to, “Make The Healthy Choice, The Easy Choice!”

Comprehensive learning plan and curriculum tailored to help you quickly go from theory to practice.
High standard certification exam - must earn 90+% to become certified. Only the best coaches are Habit Coach Pros!
Lifetime access to private Certified Habit Coach Professionals Community for ongoing educational and networking opportunities.
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Science-Backed Curriculum, In Bite-Size Lessons

All content and learning material in this course is based on the latest scientific insights on how to change human behavior. This means providing you with material that allows you to easily integrate research from behavioral science, behavioral economics, and psychology into your coaching business. You'll learn all about what activates behavior change, how motivation can be built and sustained, the science behind habit formation, and so much more.

Lesson topics include

20+ Effective Behavior Change Strategies
Explore lessons on the most effective behavior change strategies to overcome common client barriers – from motivation and mindset, to time management and planning.
The Ultimate Behavioral Assessment Tools
Before we build a solution, we must understand the problem. Learn to use proven tools and templates to help you better assess and understand your clients behavior change challenges.
The Habit Formation Formula
Habits are the holy grail of behavior change. You'll learn both the theory behind habit formation, but also access the latest tools and insights for how to build client habits in practice.
How Your Clients Make Decisions
Develop a deep understanding of the theory of decision making and learn how you can support your clients in making better decisions and avoiding common cognitive biases.
Understanding Your Client’s Autopilot
Behavioral science tells us that the majority of our daily decisions are made in autopilot. We must accept that we only succeed if we can effectively support our client's autopilot.
Boosting Your Client's Motivation
Can you define motivation? Most coaches can't. This certification will provide you with a deep understanding of motivation and how you can support your clients to build drive that lasts.

Testimonials from our coaching community

You're about to get a whole lot of new tools in your coaching toolbox. I'd recommend this to anyone in the wellness coaching industry!
Jenny V
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
Jazz D
Personal Trainer
My favorite thing about this course is being able to use the insights to start better helping your clients from Day 1!
Instead of trying to take shots in the dark in regards to behavior change and habits, I now have great a structure and process when dealing with my clients.
John B
Strength & Conditioning Coach
This course took my understanding and confidence in coaching behavior change to a much deeper level!
Katie E
Behavior Change & Mental Health Coach
This course gives you access to an amazing peer community of other coaches! I'd highly recommend taking The Habit Coach Pro Level 1 Certification!
Silja V
Behavioral Health Psychologist
the founders

Made by Experts in Habits & Coaching

Samuel Salzer
Habit expert and experienced Behavioral Designer, specializing in creating scalable behavior change solutions. Co-author of the book Nudging in Practice - How to Make It Easy to Do The Right Thing and one of the world’s first Chief Behavioral Officer's in tech.
Erin Laverone
Expert nutrition, health, and fitness coach, helping clients to live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. Developed effective methods for curating physical, social, mental, and digital environments that are conducive to making "healthy" the default choice.

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